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Again during a training this nice lady just wanted a natural look without creating a brow "her husband would not recoginze". Soft subtle color with hair strokes and a lift fit the bill.

All of these nice ladies had their brows-liner-lips done during training sessions held by Stephanie.  It is important to note that the color is subtle and shapes of brows natural and not stamped on (basically what they had just enhanced).  It great to get a full face procedure so that the client is truly transformed.  Also quite noticalbe is that they are mature.  These are you best clients as they are most grateful and truly appreciative.  A little bit will go a long way.

A client  that had previous PMU was unhappy with the droppy tail of her left eyebrow. Freshening up the color and using Eliminink on the tail worked nicely.  Below same nice lady with 8 year old lip color was self consciene of the blue look.  Easy correction.  Client very happy. Again during class.

Areola Pigmentation is crucial to a cancer survivor's well being.  These lovely ladies took part and perfomed this procedure from A to Z.  The results were fabulous and at the end when the client saw the transformation...she cried.  Love this work!