Welcome to the Skin Classic 1 on 1 Training page. There are important links below to open and throughly go through prior to your 1 on 1 training with  your Skin Classic trainer.  The manual has hours of embedded video throughout hense the reason it is in digital form.  Please have 4-5 models the day of your 4 hour hands on training.  Your Skin Classic will arrive in 2 shipments. 1 UPS The SKin Classic. (please keep box that it arrives in in the unlikely event you would need to send it in for any repari in the future) and USPS with probes, laminated guide, probe disposable, brochures, and certificates of training.  When both have arrived please tick off the checklist and message it to your trainer.  This is super important as it will insure a smooth training day. It is mandatory prior to the training to complete the test below.   It simply goes along with the training manual.  Everyone that is attending and you want to have a certificate must complete the test. Or your trainer wmay not sign the certificates.  If you have any questions prior to the training day feel free to contact us via (preferred method..3 way fb group chat) or email.  I set these fb groups up so that I can see when training date is set or see any questions you may have.  I am full time support so I am  readily available.  Our  trainers are busy seeing clients just like you and I want to make sure that your questions are answered pronto.   Training day should be fun.  Your trainer will demonstrate  with no current and proper technique and you will copy the technique without current. When you have satisfactorly demonstrated your ablitiy your trainer will step on the pedal and you will be off to the races.  

If you have more than yourself being trained be sure to have enough irregularities to work with so everyone feels confident.  I stronly urge you not to use each other as models.  Please feel free to work on each other to feel the treatment BUT...most skin care professionals do not have near enough irregularities to satisfy the hands on portion.  If others are attending and need certificates please message names asap and remember that they ALL need to take the test so feel free to share this link with them but only them as we have worked hard to keep your Skin CLassic training special for those that have chosen to purchase and dedicate to 1 on1 training.

We look forward to you being a well trained Skin Classic provider and getting numerous referrals in the future.