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Tattoo Lightening or removal, a controversial subject for many years, is best dealt with in a professional setting. The process of lightening or removing a tattoo with EliminInk™ is simple when performed properly. Training is REQUIRED to purchase the EliminInk™ product. Product training is 8 hours for existing permanent makeup practitioners, conventional tattoo artists, and medical professionals interested in learning how to use the EliminInk™. Proper education and hands-on training with EliminInk™ is required prior to its use ensuring clients receive the most professional treatment and aftercare.

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Product training:

8 hour training course for product certification

(certification needed to purchase Eliminink) 


In order to attend this course, and become certified as an EliminInk Tattoo Removal Specialist, you must be one of the following: 
·       An Experienced Tattoo Artist;
·       An Experienced Permanent Makeup Artist;
·       A Physician; or
·       A Nurse or Medical Aesthetician who is working under the supervision of a physician.  

1.    Educate the student regarding the following:(a)  general principles related to the subject of tattoo removal (b)  EliminInk product line(c) specific procedures used to remove a           tattoo using  EliminInk™ Tattoo Removal  
2.    Provide practical training that ensures completion of this program to become certified as an EliminInk™ Tattoo Removal Specialist.   
At the completion of the program, you should be able to:  
1.    Demonstrate that you have acquired a fundamental knowledge of the general principles related to the removal of body tattoos and permanent makeup. 
2.    Demonstrate that you practice the proper protocols that you should implement before, during, and after completing a treatment. 
3.    Demonstrate that you can follow the established protocol during  a removal of a body tattoo, and/or removal of permanent makeup. 
4.    Demonstrate that you can conduct a proper after-care briefing with a client. 
5.    Exhibit a satisfactory level of comfort and confidence when you are working with a client both during and post procedure.   

This 8 hour program is offered in your office and comes complete with an Eliminink kit to include:

2 Eliminink
4 DermaRenu
1 MicroNum
 Certification (needed to purchase and obtain insurance)